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Computer Repairs & Business IT Support

  • IT Support is essential for any modern business. Computer IT Support is more than;

    ·         computer repairs and fixes when they crash

    ·         a PC technician to solve a computer problem

    ·         speeding up a slow computer

    ·         working out email hosting and spam filtering

    As a business you want more from your IT Support than computer repairs. You want a team of computer technicians who will make you and your staff more productive, solving computer problems before they arise.

    Choosing IT Support is something you want to do only once! Choosing Yokeb Technologiess is easy. Don’t take our word for it check out our testimonials about doing more than computer repairs.

    Some reasons companies choose and stay with Yokeb IT Support.

    ·         high level of service & quick response time for peace of mind

    ·         we know what we are doing – don’t trust the IT monkeys

    ·         eat computer repairs for breakfast – we have been doing this for a long time

    ·         a team of computer technicians – not a one man IT Support business

    ·         business orientated computer advice – not band aid solutions

    ·         value for money IT support

    IT Support for Small & Large Businesses

    Our team of computer technicians primarily service small business and corporate markets. We do also offer computer repairs and general PC help for some individual clients.

    Yet we don’t spend much on marketing. Why not? We are sure we will get so many referrals from existing IT Support clients! We love and appreciate referrals. Ask to talk to some of our clients and find out why they are willing to refer our IT Support services and computer repairs.

    IT Support Business Tenders

    We understand some larger corporate clients require a tender process for their IT Support. We are happy to submit computer support tenders. Call us to discuss and send us the specifications.

    Onsite and Remote IT Support

    Yokeb Technologies can provide both on-site and off-site IT support. Offsite support means we can log onto your computer network system from our office when you call to fix a computer problem. This is like having your own internal help desk without the overheads.

    Yokeb provide IT Support solutions in…

    ·         Microsoft server

    ·         Novell Netware

    ·         Network Security Policy

    ·         Virus Protection Policy

    ·         Fault tolerant internet

    ·         WAN connectivity

    ·         Citrix & Terminal server

    ·         Cabling

    ·         Website configuration & design

    ·         Hardware and software sales

    ·         Monitor, computer and printer repairs

    ·         Installation and configuration

    ·         Graphics and video editing workstations

    ·         VPNs, ISDN and Microwave WAN connections

    ·         Mainframe access

    ·         Routing and dial in access

    ·         Internet client installation

    ·         Website development

    ·         Microsoft office products training

    ·         Access and web based database production

    Call or email Yokeb Technologiess today to discuss your company’s IT Support needs on +251-911259320

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You need answers more than you need equipment. We offer strategic guidance and intelligent Technologies solutions that will give you a competitive edge. Talk to an Insight specialist today to find out how we’ll help your organization run smarter.

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